Zentangle Artists Coalition: What is it?

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So, have you heard about a new organization called the Zentangle Artists Coalition?
What the heck is that? Well, in the run up to the Zentangle Art Expo, Katie Butler and I were discussing what we needed from folks to organize and I’d mentioned we needed something like an Artist’s Coalition to help with all aspects and during the year to meet and exchange ideas. After the Expo, we met up on that theme again and have been working for some months to put together the ground work for this new organization. The way we envision is a group, not unlike a quilt guild, where we meet, possibly have a program, learn or design a new pattern, have mini-demonstrations, show and tell, etc. A meet and mingle session for anyone interested in Zentangle. We put out feelers and were pretty excited by the response. We decided to try it and organized an inaugural meeting. We figured a venue that could hold up to around 50 people would be ok and we started two months early posting it. Well, WOW! In three days, we had 45 people register for the event. In 10 days we’d definitely gone over what we could handle at the first venue, and we didn’t want to start to turn people away so soon. So we changed venues where they could, with overflow, handle 90 – 100 participants. Well, further WOW! A month before the event, we had to stop taking registrations and tell people we couldn’t handle anymore. I guess the interest is out there. Keep watch on the Zentangle Artists Coalition website. The November 15th inaugural event is just the beginning. Our first official meeting of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Zentangle Artists Coalition will be Saturday, January 25th, in Waunakee, WI, just a little North of Madison. You can register as a member online as of November 16. We will then have more information.
Hope to see you soon.